Friday, January 15, 2010

A long, cold winter...thank goodness for jewelry!

We've had a long, cold winter here on the farm in Southeastern Ohio. For the last two weeks, our water and septic have been frozen. We've made due in a primitive style, but boy does it get old! Fortunately, it thawed yesterday...and I am very appreciative of the simple things of life--hot water out of a faucet and toilets that flush!

Another simple thing I love, is mail delivery. The postwoman brings dog jewelry...hurrah!

Here are some new additions in The Dog Jewelry Museum:

Two new additions to the growing mini-collection of Trifari "real breed" dog jewelry; a detailed Pomeranian and a rather clumsily executed German Shepherd Dog. I've noticed that jewelry designers have a hard time with GSDs...they just don't seem to be able to capture the majesty of this handsome breed.

Also newly added is this great ceramic pin by Flying Colors, a 1980s company formed by three artists in San Francisco. I just love the color and the humor of this piece!

A somewhat homely enamel spaniel also joined the Museum. He is a dead-ringer for one of the old Deja (Reja) pieces. He's not signed, but the quality of the enamel and the weight and pinback construction have me convinced he is from the 1940s, probably Deja/Reja.

Finally, make sure to click here to see the set that goes with this Scottie pin. He came as a part of a group of critters which all have similar elements. Very cute bunch of scatter pins!

The Dog Jewelry Museum has had some nice publicity over the last few months. I had about 50 pieces on display at The Kennedy Museum of Art in Athens, Ohio, as part of an exhibit constructed by artist Mark Dion called "Athens Collects". I also had a lovely interview published by Dogtipper. Check it out and read some of the useful tips for those of you with furry "jewels".

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  1. I'm with you, Deb - thank goodness for the January thaw and mail delivery!!! Love your new additions. :-)