Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two New Additions to the Museum

This month we add two new designer/manufacturers to the Dog Jewelry Museum. First up is a cute little Dachshund curled up in a basket. The pendant is made by Razza, perhaps best known for the large, funky zodiac pendants of the 1970's. Here is what Researching Costume Jewelry says about Razza:

"Luca began working in the jewelry business in the 1950's. Luca & Lionel Mercier started Raz-Mer Casting Co. which made raw castings for Alice Jewelry [Lillian Vernon], Rice-Weiner, and Weiss among others. In Dec. 1958, Luca & Stanley Conheim started the Ronnie Jewelry Co. They sold Ronnie Jewelry in 1968 to The Certified Corporation, who owned Whiting & Davis and DaVinci Jewelry. Stanley died about 1969; Luca remained with Certified until 1975, where he designed the plastic pieces for which he is known. In the early 1990's Luca formed Plaza Jewelry in North Kingstown, RI. and is still active in the company (Information from the Fall 2003 & Spring 2004 issues of VFCJ.)"

Also new this month, is a little tack pin from the Kreisler company. Kreisler was in and out of the jewelry business. My best guess for the date on fhis pin is the 1950s when Kreisler was making jewelry.

People sometimes ask why there are so many Dachshunds, Poodles, and Scotties represented in jewelry. My take on this is that manufacturers were looking to produce jewelry that would sell the most and these three breeds have been very popular, especially during particular time periods. Also Poodles have always had a link to fashion, the doggie version of an accessory, so the breed remains very popular in jewelry.

I try to balance acquiring a wide variety of breeds, representing as many different manufacturers, and covering many eras when I acquire pieces for the Museum. I am always on the look-out for the unusual, so get in touch if you have something differnt!

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