Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artisan Profile: Haleyanne Dog Jewelry

The fun thing about dog jewelry is that it comes in so many different materials, styles, and breeds! I recently stumbled across a wonderful artisan pair, Haley Land and Leanne Clarke who sell their whimsical canine creations at Seattle's Pike Place Market and online at their website Haleyanne Jewelry. Haleyanne started selling handmade goods in 1985 and have specialized in dog jewelry since 1994.

Haleyanne jewelry is molded ceramic pieces given dimension and expression through creative eyes and hand-painted glazes. The Haleyanne "look" is distinctive, with each breed having wonderful and humorous expressions. Variations and customization is achieved with painting and glazing. While not all breeds are available, well over 50 in a variety of colors, are to be found at their website.

Leanne Clarke donated two fantastic pieces to The Dog Jewelry Museum, an adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi in caramel and white and a liver and white German Shorthaired Pointer.

Haleyanne Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Haleyanne German Shorthaired Pointer

Haleyanne jewelry is well made, sturdy ceramic with a security clasp pin back which is glued in place. Some pieces are signed, but the signature may be obscured by the glue and pin back. Still the distinctive look of these nifty pieces are readily identified. The pieces are about 2 inches in size -- large enough to be readily noticed on a lapel or hat!

Haleyanne will customize existing molds to represent other breeds and may be able to customize color glazes as well to personalize your creation. Contact these artisans via their website.

Ceramic dog jewelry is available from the Haleyanne Jewelry website.

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