Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great Dog Jewelry in Private Collections

One of the goals of The Dog Jewelry Museum is to acquire jewelry to build the permanent collection, so all of the pieces listed are owned by the Museum. But there are a lot of wonderful canine jewels out there in private collections that certainly deserve highlighting.

One of my favorites is this bulldog pin in Cathy Gordon's marvelous dog collection. Made of pot metal set with marcasites, has glass eyes, and a crystal with reverse carved bone. Also in Cathy's collection are some lovely Essex crystal reverse carved and painted dogs, fun bakelite pieces, and perhaps the only Miriam Haskell dog figural in existence. When you visit the Gordon dog collection, be sure to check out the rest of Cathy's Imagevent, it's a real treat for all jewelry lovers. (BTW, Cathy Gordon is co-author with Sheila Pamiloff of the superb reference book Miriam Haskell Jewelry).

Rita Perloff (Remember When Vintage Jewelry) has a nice collection of dog jewelry images that includes this wonderful enameled grey-blue collie pin.

The image collection also includes the Rebajes Copper Chihuahua pin (also featured in The Dog Jewelry Museum) and a gorgeous jewel-tone Trifari poodle pin.

The hilarious Bassett Hound with the surprised look was Rita's generous donation to the Museum.

Lady Frog's Vintage Jewelry not only sells jewelry, but offers this fantastic display of vintage poodle jewels. I particularly like these two colorful poodles that were made in Korea.

The fun thing about collecting dog jewelry is that you can create so many sub-themes. For example, two of my main collecting interests are "walking the dog" chatelaine pins and carved wooden dog pins. You could choose to collect a particular breed, dogs from certain designers or manufacturers, pins made from bakelite or celluloid or other material, dog pendants, or dog jewels by era or style. There are so many ways the canine is celebrated in's a collecting area that is just ripe with possibilities!

If you have a private collection (not store inventory please) of dog jewelry you'd like to share, please post the link to your collection ...we'd love to see it!

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